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10 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery Worked Really Well For Them

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Nobody gets plastic surgery and hopes to come out looking worse than before. But some celebs seem to take it too far and it ruins the reputation that plastic surgery has. On the other hand, some stars go under the knife and come out looking pretty fantastic. It’s not that they weren’t gorgeous before, but their decision to alter a few things is their own – and we’re glad it worked out for them!

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1. Getting plastic surgery doesn’t mean you’ll turn out having a botched, frozen mess of a body. Just take a look at these celebs…

2. It can’t be easy being a Jenner girl living in a Kardashian world. Kylie has always been one gorgeous girl, but she decided she wanted to plump up those lips of hers.

3. Although there was a lot of controversy about getting it done at such a young age… it works for her. We’re obsessed with her full lip look!

4. Kate Hudson has always been beautiful, and the looks definitely run in the family – just look at Golide Hawn! But she decided to get some subtle breast enhancements.

5. We definitely love the decision to keep it subtle. The enchantment added some curves without being too in-your-face. As long as it makes you happy, Kate!

6. Ashlee Simpson and her punk-rock style made waves throughout the 2000s.

7. Today, she rocks a more mature look and a slimmed down nose. We love it!

8. But wait! Ashlee isn’t the only Simpson to go under the knife!

9. Jessica Simpson has been really candid about getting lip injections in the past.

10. Of course, plump lips definitely run in the family anyway, just take a look at her daughter, Maxwell.

Instagram |@jessicasimpson11. Zooey Deschanel always had that doe-eyed look, even in 2001. But her looks definitely changed over the years, even in the most subtle of ways.

12. What do you think about the nose touch up? It’s super subtle but works wonders, right?

13. Kelly Osbourne in 2003… she looks totally different these days.

14. Whatever it is that Kelly got done on top of the impressive weight loss, it’s totally working and we’re really happy for her.

15. Her mother, Sharon Osbourne, had spoken about how she got breast implants, but then had them removed because it was painful for her to stay active.

16. Either way, you look fabulous, Sharon!

17. Do you recognize Scarlett Johansson here?

18. She made the decision to get her nose done, and she looks great!

Obviously she looks great… it’s Scarlett Johansson after all.

19. Lady Gaga looks hardly recognizable here…


20. These days she’s rocking a much different look, and her nose job looks really amazing with it!

21. Dianna Agron (who starred in Glee) had her nose broken twice!

22. So she made the decision to get it surgically fixed. It looks great!

23. Continue to slay, Dianna!

24. Clearly another obvious example of how a nose job can do wonders, just ask Rachel Green! SHARE if you’re impressed by these positive transformations!